Episode 14 – Monkey in the Box

On this week’s episode of Make Me a Gamer, TMan and HarveyZ forego topical news to discuss some games they’ve been playing. HarveyZ has another XCOM 2 update, and TMan’s been playing Hitman 2 and a mobile game called Piffle. We also talk a little bit about Lady Gaga playing Bayonetta before diving into a very spoiler-filled discussion of The Stanley Parable, which both TMan AND HarveyZ had a chance to play before the podcast! (This episode was recorded November 27th.)

NOTE: For about thirty seconds at the 37 minute mark of the podcast, you may hear some audio disturbance. Do not panic, do not adjust your set: it was part of the podcast that was unable to be edited out as TMan is not a professional audio editor yet. There are a few other audio errors within the podcast but hopefully not as noticeable.

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