TMan’s 2018 PS4 Stats

So Sony is doing a neat thing for US PlayStation users where they compiled a list of relevant stats for your PS4 playtime. While they’ve stated the data may not be 100% accurate it’s still fairly close to correct. You can check it out here if you want if you’re a US PS4 owner.

I’m posting this as a little bonus to the top 5 since I find this data neat and wanted to share, but don’t want to dedicate a full day just to these stats. Anyway, fun stats after the cut!







A few things I extrapolated from the data:

  • I figured Overwatch and Assassin’s Creed would be my top 2, but I never would have guessed my #3 most played was Monster Hunter World.
  • If you subtract the amount of time I spent with my top 3 (270 hours) from my total (996 hours) and then divide that by the remaining 40 games, I spent an average of 18 hours with each other game.
  • I must have had gaming ADHD in May because it was my third lowest total play-time but highest amount of games played – averaging around 3 hours with each game during that time frame.
  • I moved in with my girlfriend at the beginning of July – while my play time didn’t diminish it’s interesting that I definitely seemed to become more discerning in which games I invested time into.
  • I also started my podcast in August – both events probably helped shape me being a bit more focused in my game play. A lot less buying random games and hopping around and a lot more trying to play things to completion.
  • Also of note: I upgraded and rebuilt my PC at the end of July – and in August sometime I switched from playing Overwatch on my PS4 to PC – so all 100+ hours of Overwatch came in the first half of the year.
  • I averaged about 4.4 hours of playing per day I actually played on my PS4, while I averaged about 2.7 hours of playing per day of the year.
  • I often leave my PS4 to download updates and sometimes I just get distracted, and I have it set to go to stand-by after an hour of no activity. So my time that I actually spent actively playing is probably lower, but who knows by how much.
  • I’m clearly not a trophy hunter and I know exactly which two Platinums I got – Telltale’s Batman Season 1 and Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  • My time was pretty evenly split over halves of the year – 467 hours played from January to June, 528 hours from July to December.
  • There must be some rounding going on because I’m missing an hour from the total hours played when I add up each individual month.
  • My two slowest months – June and December – I took week-long vacations in both of those so it’s no surprise my overall time is down. My Switch time would probably up for those time periods, though.
  • Conversely, I took my biggest trip away from home in March but still managed to cram a middle-of-the-road amount of video game time in somehow.
  • The three games I played on PS4 that made my top 10 this year show up clearly in the monthly breakdown – God of War (April), Spider-Man (September), and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (October) were the three months with the most playtime.
  • However, I am 99% certain something in September is way off. Three games and 132 hours makes absolutely no sense – it would mean I spent 44 hours on average with each game with very little variation since any amount greater than 49 hours would have knocked Monster Hunter World out of the top 3. Since I have my handy-dandy “What I’ve been playing in September” post from last year I can surmise the two not Spider-Man games should be Destiny 2 and Fortnite – but I can guarantee I did not play either of those games for 44 hours. My guess is that the games played number only registers if you earn trophies for the game (as I played both Destiny 2 and Fortnite but did not earn any trophies for either of them) but hours total clocks all hours the PS4 is on or in game mode. I know I played more of Life is Strange and probably fiddled around with other games while waiting for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. So I think the time played is probably accurate, but the number of games played is almost definitely wrong.
  • So I may have not been more focused in the second half of the year, but I wasn’t investing too much time into side games and that counts as being more discerning as far as I’m concerned.

Okay, that’s all the data analysis I’ve got for this post. Hope you enjoy random statistics as much as I do…and this time, for real, see you next week!