TMan’s Top 5: Favorite Overwatch League Teams

It’s Friday, and despite having an off week this week I’m not going to let a Friday go by without a top 5! So in celebration of the second season of Overwatch League starting this week, it’s time for my top 5 teams in the OWL!

5. Paris Eternal

I like their logo – the infinity rooster is a pretty neat design. They also are leaning into their location by having an all-European team, which is refreshing since most teams are chasing the Korean dream team setup. This includes two of my favorite DPS to watch and root for: Soon and Shadowburn. Of the new expansion teams they’re my second favorite.

4. Dallas Fuel

This is mostly leftover feelings from last season when Seagull was on their team. He retired from OWL, so my enthusiasm for this team has diminished. Still, after spending a season cheering for them I can’t help but continue – especially since Mickie is one of the most positive personalities in OWL and you can’t help but root for the guy.

3. Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons are the Cleveland Browns of Overwatch League after going winless in season one. It’s gotten to the point that you can’t help but root for these scrappy underdogs. They also boast the only female player in OWL in Geguri, who is an awesome tank player. I feel good that this season the Dragons are going to claim a win.

2. Washington Justice

I don’t have high hopes for the DC OWL team – they’ve already been embroiled in controversy. But DC’s my hometown team and so I have to have some loyalty to them, even if I’m tired of the red-white-blue color scheme. Plus it’s actually kinda cool to actually have a local esports team to root for. Even though a lot of predictions have them at the bottom of the rankings for this season, I’m always a fan of the underdogs so let’s serve some justic or something.

1. Los Angeles Gladiators

The boys in purple became my favorite team over the course of season one. Surefour, Hydration, Bischu, Biggoose, Shaz – all these guys have personality and are always fun to watch play. They’ve come up with entertaining strats – Google “The Great Bamboozle” – and with the addition of Decay and Roar as teammates they should be a pretty fun team to root for again this season.

Honorable mention goes to Spark for their awesome team colors. See you all next week!