Music Theory #12 – A Day To Remember

New week, new music! Let’s go!

Artist: A Day To Remember

Latest Album: Bad Vibrations (2016)

Genre: Metalcore/Pop-punk

Favorite Track: Best of Me (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: I’m Made of Wax Larry What Are You Made Of?, All Signs Point To Lauderdale, Right Back At It Again, Sometimes You’re The Hammer Sometimes You’re The Nail, Leave All The Lights On, Paranoia, Naivety

Why I Enjoy Them: My first exposure to A Day To Remember was when I went to a Rise Against concert and they were the second band of the line-up. I was impressed by their live performance and ended up checking out Common Courtesy (their most recent album at the time). After coincidentally ending up seeing them live a second time (opening for Blink-182 this time) and buying their latest album Bad Vibrations, I became a big fan of their music. You have to like both screaming and the pop-punk style of the 2000s to really enjoy all their music, but it fits right into my wheelhouse and I recommend their stuff if you’re looking for something a little different.