Episode 52-1 – Amazon Prime Apocalypse Delivery Boy

We’ve got a somewhat special episode for this week’s Make Me A Gamer! Since last week was a four-day holiday weekend for TMan and HarveyZ, they recorded a special, slightly shorter than usual episode that focuses specifically on one game: Death Stranding! HarveyZ watched TMan play for an hour or so and then they discussed it for half an hour!

TMan had played through Episode 7 of Death Stranding and spoils gameplay (and minor story elements) throughout the episode, so if you want to know as little as possible about the game feel free to skip this episode. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy! This is a new format we’re trying out and we may do similar, shorter burst episodes focused on a single game in the future!

This weekend TMan is going to be at PAX Unplugged, which means expect another shorter, half-hour episode next week as well which will be numbered as 52-2: together they will be the length of one full episode!

(This episode was recorded on November 25, 2019.)

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