Episode 75 – Episode of the Living Dead

So there was an episode on Friday, and now there’s a new episode on Monday! We at Make Me A Gamer adhere to absolutely no schedule whatsoever and just post new episodes whenever they’re finished in the editing booth! (We should really work on that.) Anyway! It’s almost Halloween time which means TMan and HarveyZ are spending an entire spoooooooky episode talking about zombies! We start off the episode with a fun game of “Is This A Real Zombie Game?” where TMan quizzes HarveyZ on game titles with “Dead” in them, some of which are completely made up! Play along and see if you can beat HarveyZ! Then they both get into discussions about zombie games, movies, television, and all sorts of zombie-related trivia. Enjoy and have a safe and happy Halloween!

(This episode was recorded October 7, 2020.)

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