Music Theory #8: The Faint

Another day, another band to recommend!

Band: The Faint

Latest Album: Egowerk (Releasing March 15, 2019)

Genre: Dancepunk/Electro-pop-punk

Favorite Track: Birth (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: Posed to Death, The Conductor, How Could I Forget?, Symptom Finger, The Geeks Were Right, Mirror Error, Evil Voices, Lesson from the Darkness

Why I Enjoy Them: My first experience with the Faint was kind of weird: the song Birth was used as the soundtrack to some Flash game on Newgrounds back in the mid-2000s internet era. I really, really liked Birth (as it’s still my favorite track by them) and ended up exploring their Wet From Birth album as well as Danse Macabre and both albums ended up high on my “must listen” list. I’ve seen them live and they put on an amazing concert, and thanks to me putting this together this week I learned they have a new album coming out in a month and will be on tour later this year! They’re a pretty awesome electronic/pop/punk band that has a very unique style which I never get tired of.

Music Theory #7: Assemblage 23

This is not a podcast! I know this is probably obvious to most of you upon reading this, but I’ve had to rearrange a few things in my schedule this week. Due to a busy weekend and also having a slightly larger than normal podcast for this week, I’m not quite done with the editing process yet. I’m aiming to have the podcast uploaded and available for listening on Thursday of this week instead of Tuesday. Sorry for the delay, but it’ll be worth the wait I promise!

That being said, I’ve gone ahead and moved my Music Theory recommendation for this week into the podcast slot so there’s something for you all to listen to in its place. Apologies again, but there’s only so much one TMan can do at a time. Hope you enjoy this week’s music!

Band: Assemblage 23

Latest Album: Endure (2016)

Genre: Electronic/Synthpop

Favorite Track: Infinite (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: Disappoint, I Am The Rain, Ground, Regret, 30KFT, Greed, Crosstalk, Automaton

Why I Enjoy Them: Assemblage 23 is one of the first electronic bands that I really got into. Storm is probably one of my top electronic albums ever and up there in my list of all-time favorites since I can pretty much listen to it from start to finish without skipping anything. They feel like a gateway band to electronic music because while they have a lot of synth and typical electronic stylings, they also usually stick to the typical format of verse-chorus-verse-chorus that most pop songs use and shy away from the repetitive vocals/samples of other electronic bands. I really enjoy their style and they remain a staple in my rotation of favorite musicians.