Episode 50 – I Have List Problems

Hey everyone! It’s episode 50 of Make Me A Gamer coming live to your earholes! We can’t believe we’ve made it this far, and to celebrate episode 50 we’re doing a throwback episode! Yes, that’s right, this week’s episode goes old-school as we recorded it back during our summer hiatus, and we’re releasing it as our 50th episode because we totally planned it like that, and it didn’t just happen to fall on a week where HarveyZ was busy and couldn’t record. Yup! Totally planned!

So join us for a throwback episode with no HarveyZ Snaps, no Game of the Week, no fun segments. Just unfiltered, chaotic discussion where we talk about weddings, Doctor Who, favorite TV shows, Harry Potter houses and what type of gamer each house would be, D&D alignments, and more! There’s also a fun throwback to TMan & HarveyZ discussing Fire Emblem Three Houses before it took over their lives! Enjoy this blast from the past and we’ll be back with up-to-date episodes next week!

(This episode was recorded on ????? 2019. Somewhere in July, before Fire Emblem came out.)

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Movie Theory: The Plot Crimes of Grindelwald

I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read all the books and seen a few of the movies, mostly through the influence of multiple women throughout my life. I like the universe in general but I’ve never been super obsessed with which house I belong to or wishing I got an owl mail sending me to the American equivalent of Hogwarts. (Ilvermorny, right?)

As such, I didn’t come into the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise with too much excitement or baggage. I was interested but not enthusiastic. When I saw the first one in theaters I liked it but came out of the movie theater feeling like something was off. It bothered me because I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was wrong or express what was bothering me about the movie. When I watched it again this weekend before seeing Crimes of Grindelwald, I still enjoyed it but also still felt the same sense of “something isn’t quite right.”

I saw Crimes of Grindelwald and actually didn’t like it. But on top of not liking it, I felt the same unexplainable nagging in the back of my head and it began to frustrate me because I wanted to be able to vocalize what was bugging me. So I thought about both movies together to try and figure out what it was – and I finally got my Eureka moment.

It was the narrative structure that was bothering me.

I’m not going to talk about canon or retcons or universe-related problems in this critique- instead I’m going to focus on the narrative and overall plotlines of both movies. There will be major spoilers of both Crimes of Grindelwald and Fantastic Beasts, so if you haven’t seen them both and want to remain unspoiled, read no further.

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