Episode 57 – Make Me A Movier

We’ve got a special episode of Make Me A Gamer this week! Instead of the usual format, TMan and HarveyZ are talking about their five favorite movies of the decade! Enjoy!

This Week On Make Me A Gamer

Harvey Z Snaps: Scorsese’s filmography vs the MCU

HarveyZ’s Five Movies of the Decade:

– Get Out

– Baby Driver

– Cabin In the Woods

– Parasite

– Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

TMan’s Five Movies of the Decade:

– Inception

– The World’s End

– Mad Max: Fury Road

– Skyfall

– Captain America: Winter Soldier

(This episode was recorded on January 23, 2020.)

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TMan’s Top 5: Movie Trailers

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another top 5!

In honor of the Velvet Buzzsaw trailer releasing yesterday (and it being a phenomenal trailer to the point that I almost considered dropping it on this list straight out the gate) I decided to list my top 5 movie trailers of all-time.

Movie trailers are very key in garnering interest in a movie. The right trailer can add hype to a movie when there was none, and a bad trailer can make people less interested in seeing it. Sometimes trailers give away too much, others don’t give you enough idea of what the movie will be about. Some trailers have stuck with me more than the movies have and others have led me to watching some of my all-time favorite movies. This is my top 5. (And Velvet Buzzsaw is #6 at this moment for sure.)

All trailers are linked to in their list number.

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