Music Theory #1: Infected Mushroom

We’re on a resolution roll here at TMan Writes, and so today’s post is about another change in habit that I’m enacting in 2019. As you’ve probably picked up by now, music is important to me. But what shocked me as 2018 ended was that I’d barely listened to any new music. I’d picked up a few new bands, but a lot of albums released this year from bands that I like and I hadn’t given most of them even a cursory listen.

I was a bit surprised at myself, but I also realized that I’d strayed away from music in general in 2018 while I focused on other things. My podcast intake increased while my music intake decreased. So in order to get myself back into the habit of keeping myself up to date with new music, I’m introducing Music Theory as a weekly endeavor.

These posts aren’t going to be long-form; instead they’ll likely be focused around a specific artist or album and have very limited actual writing involved. But I love music and want to spread music I enjoy, and hopefully having a weekly motivation will help keep me in the loop music-wise this year.

Anyway, for the first Music Theory I present to you Infected Mushroom.

Band: Infected Mushroom

Latest Album: Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys (2018)

Genre: Psytrance/Electronica

Favorite Track: Spitfire (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: Guitarmass, Head of NASA, Vicious Delicious, Suliman, Herbert The Pervert

Why I Enjoy Them: I follow Monstercat on YouTube and through them I first heard Spitfire, which then led me to listening to the rest of Infected Mushroom’s discography. They were a slow burn, but once I warmed up to their music I really dug it. They are the exact type of electronic music that I like: good beats, enough variation to keep me engaged, but also repetitive enough for me to be able to listen to their tracks while I’m doing other things. I prefer their instrumental tracks to the ones that use vocals, but they have standout tracks of both. Techno/trance is a genre that’s always been one of my favorite and Infected Mushroom just nails the sound that I want from the style.