Episode 20 – The “Stick It To The Man” Episode

We’ve made it to a full twenty episodes of Make Me A Gamer! To celebrate, this week TMan and HarveyZ are sticking it to the corporate overlords of gaming! First they gush over the new Spider-Man trailer and Into The Spider-Verse, but then they get into discussion about the Gearbox CEO’s problems with porn, Activision and Bungie’s split and why TMan hates Activision’s CEO, and how Ubisoft’s management bungled their inclusive message with the latest DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Enjoy! (This episode was recorded January 15th, 2019.)

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Movie Theory: The 2018 Movie Manatees!

So last year I wrote up the 2017 T-Man Movie Awards and talked about some of my favorite movies of the year in a wide variety of categories. This year I ended up naming my gaming superlatives the Manatees (see here and here, with special thanks to my good friend HarveyZ) and it seemed a shame to not also do awards for 2018 movies as well. Since I was struggling with a name for them last year, I might as well adopt my gaming name for movies as well. I will mostly be using the same categories as last year, with a few changes here and there. Some categories will have runners-up if I felt like there were multiple movies that were worth mentioning – others will only have one if they were particular standouts or if nothing else really impressed me enough to be mentioned.

Without further ado, I present to you TMan’s Movie Manatees for 2018!

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