Bonus Episode – MCU Bracket Madness (AKA Dogs Poop Outside)

Welcome to another bonus episode of Make Me A Gamer! This was originally scheduled to go up last week while TMan was taking a break after PAX East, but instead you get it this week! This week’s regular scheduled episode will be coming as well!

For this bonus episode, as a follow-up to Episode 28’s Movie Franchise March Madness, TMan made a bracket of all the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, excluding the two Ant-Mans since HarveyZ hasn’t seen them. HarveyZ goes through each match-up and crowns the best movie of the MCU, and TMan throws his opinions into the mix as well. No video games on this bonus, but a whole lot of movie talk! We hope you enjoy this slight tangent! (This episode was recorded March 21, 2019.)

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