The 2020 Manatees: Written Companion

So every year for Make Me A Gamer we do a podcast with our Game of the Year content, and every year I also do a write-up of my games of the year as a companion piece. This year we went over my top 5 of the year in the podcast itself, and here I’m gonna expand to my top 10 along with a few honorable mentions.

Nothing else to say, just good ol’ year-end summary of games content coming. Here we go!

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Episode 80 – A Bunch of Yakuza in Diapers

Weeeeee’re back with another episode of Make Me A Gamer! Episode 80! That’s a nice round number! This episode is all about games! HarveyZ talks about his experience playing Hearthstone Battlegrounds before TMan gets into Yakuza Like A Dragon and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. There’s also some existential talk about living through history and talk about Battle Royale. We hope you enjoy!

(This episode was recorded on December 2, 2020.)

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