Music Theory #11 – Bullet For My Valentine

It’s yet another week in our inexorable march through time, so why not sit down and listen to another music recommendation?

Artist: Bullet For My Valentine

Latest Album: Gravity (2018)

Genre: Heavy metal/Post-hardcore

Favorite Track: Your Betrayal (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: Scream Aim Fire, Fever, Pleasure and Pain, Temper Temper, Dirty Little Secret, Army of Noise, Skin, Gravity

Why I Enjoy Them: I was introduced to Bullet For My Valentine by Guitar Hero: World Tour, where I got to shred Scream Aim Fire on a plastic guitar. And while I really liked the vocals and awesome guitar riffs of that particular song, it wasn’t until their next album Fever that I really got into band. Fever, Temper Temper, and Venom are a trilogy of albums that I can play from start to finish whenever I’m in the mood to thrash, headbang, and play some wicked air guitar. They’re one of my top metal/rock bands and while their latest album Gravity was a slight genre shift and not as great (in my opinion) it has a few alright songs and I still consider Bullet For My Valentine a favorite band of mine.

Music Theory #9: PSY

Time for another artist recommendation! This time I’m going into K-Pop and recommending an artist that’s already pretty well-known.

Artist: PSY

Latest Album: 4×2=8 (2017)

Genre: K-Pop/Hip-hop

Favorite Track: Napal Baji (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: Right Now, It’s Art, Blue Frog, Daddy, ROCKnROLLbaby, I Luv It, New Face

Why I Enjoy Him: Like most Americans, my introduction to PSY was through Gangnam Style taking off in 2012. While I’ve only really dabbled in listening to most K-Pop music, I’ve really liked PSY’s music and kept up with him via YouTube as new albums were released. Right Now was the first song I heard (after Gangnam Style) that really stuck with me. He’s also one an artist that still goes balls-to-the-wall with music videos (alongside lots of other K-Pop groups) that are always entertaining to watch. I highly recommend listening to more of his work if you’re only familiar with Gangnam Style because he’s very, very good and very entertaining.