Post PAX Game Impressions

Last year I was only able to go to PAX East for two days out of the four so I wrote up each day separately. This year I was able to go all four days and used that time to go to panels, games, and meetups.

I may write about the panels and meet-ups in another post, but this one will exclusively be about the games I played. I got to 18 different games over the 4 day weekend. Is that a lot? I don’t really have a perspective, as I also watched about a dozen other ones without actually having any hands-on. I’ll try not to wax poetic too hard on each and every game as I don’t want this to take forever, but without further ado here’s all the games I played at PAX East this year!

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Hey everyone! There weren’t any reviews or blog posts this week because I’m kinda preparing for travel to Boston because I’m going to be attending PAX East this year! Hooray! I’ll hopefully have some fun things to talk and blog about while in attendance, if not next week I will have plenty to discuss and publish! Have a great week!