How Losing At Fall Guys Went Viral

So for this article I wanted to highlight something crazy that happened on Wednesday of this week. A mass viral sensation occurred when a well-known streamer was bad at a recently popular game.

If you haven’t heard of Fall Guys, it’s the latest multiplayer stream game phenomenon to hit the internet. A lot of streamers are playing it and a lot of non-streamers are also enjoying playing it. It’s a simple multiplayer game that turns the battle royale premise on its heads – instead of a bunch of people shooting each other until they’re the last person standing, it’s a bunch of beans competing in game show-like obstacle courses and other silly activities until they’re the last bean standing. If you’ve seen Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle, think that, but with weird bean guys.

It’s pretty simple and fun for anyone to enjoy and also happens to be free on PS4 if you have PS+. It’s the perfect maelstrom of people still being stuck indoors along with simple mechanics in a fun wrapper. It’s kid-friendly and super easy to market and draw appeal. And since summer is desolate for new games in the best of times, of course this’ll take off in popularity.

But this isn’t just about Fall Guys’ surge into the mainstream. This is about one specific streamer’s quest for a single win.

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