Episode 16 – Mug Liquid

On this episode of Make Me A Gamer, TMan and HarveyZ get their hands dirty to discuss a lot of gaming news. They talk about Super Smash Bros Ultimate and the policemen who settled it in Smash, the Playstation Classic and the ethics of emulators, and Fallout 76’s many controversies and failures. They also compare Pokemon teams (TMan’s from Let’s Go and HarveyZ from way back in Red/Blue) and finish up with The Game Awards and the Persona series. (This episode was recorded December 11th, 2018.)

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The Peculiar Future Obsession of Video Gaming

Last Thursday were the Game Awards which are basically the video game version of the Oscars – a selected group of games journalists vote on the best games of different genres released over the year, along with other categories like vocal performances, soundtrack, etc. The Game Awards only loosely resemble the Oscars though as they are a work in progress. From 2003 to 2013, Spike TV produced the Video Game Awards (VGAs) and much like anything you’d watch off of Spike TV it was mostly a trainwreck every year. Spike “cancelled” the Video Game Awards in 2014, which led Geoff Keighley – a games journalist who usually produced and hosted the VGAs – to create and fund The Game Awards on his own. Since this is only the fourth year he’s done it, he is still working the kinks out of the system but it has gotten progressively more professional since Spike stopped being involved. Of course we haven’t reached Oscar level of professionalism yet though – for example, you’d never see this happen at the Oscars, but it sure did happen live last Thursday!

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