The 2020 Manatees: Written Companion

So every year for Make Me A Gamer we do a podcast with our Game of the Year content, and every year I also do a write-up of my games of the year as a companion piece. This year we went over my top 5 of the year in the podcast itself, and here I’m gonna expand to my top 10 along with a few honorable mentions.

Nothing else to say, just good ol’ year-end summary of games content coming. Here we go!

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Episode 66 – Iron Chef Link

Make Me A Gamer is back with a start to its unofficially labelled season 3! After three months of not recording due to pandemic stress, TMan and HarveyZ are bringing the good gamer times to everyone once again!

This week’s episode is pretty straightforward: we’re just recapping what we’ve been doing for the last three months in the gaming sphere. TMan and HarveyZ both talk about their experiences in Animal Crossing and Minecraft, then HarveyZ digs into his misadventures in Breath of the Wild. Finally TMan wraps up talking a little bit about GTA Online and XCOM: Chimera Squad.

We hope you enjoy and we’ll be back on our regular schedule going forward!

(This episode was recorded on August 3rd, 2020.)

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