TMan’s Top 5: Overwatch Characters

It’s Friday! And since it’s resolution week, it’s time for yet another New Year’s resolution from me! Well, sorta. If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a post on the blog every day of the week this week. As I mentioned on Wednesday, I wasn’t terribly happy with my output quantity by the end of 2018, so I’m looking to change that this year. So my goal is to have a post on this blog every weekday. To create some semblance of a schedule, here’s what the content will look like:

Monday: Gaming Related Article
Tuesday: Podcast Episode (no real writing in this one, but keeps with my current schedule of posting podcasts on Tuesdays)
Wednesday: Grab Bag (article can be about anything)
Thursday: Music Theory (as seen yesterday)
Friday: Top 5

As I’ve noted before, I like lists. And as such, for Fridays I’ll be posting Top 5 lists for all sorts of different categories. Maybe this way I’ll get some of those sweet, sweet BuzzFeed clicks. I’m guessing some of the lists will be more in-depth than others.

To start us off, I’m going with my Top 5 Favorite Overwatch characters in honor of me recently opening and playing some Overwatch for the first time in a long while. They’re my favorites all-around, including the actual character, any story they might have, and if I enjoy playing as them as well. Here we go!

5. Ashe


She’s the newest addition to the roster and she’s already climbed to near the top in my favorites list. She’s hot, she’s a renegade cowgirl, and her character short with McCree is one of my favorites that the Overwatch team has done. Plus she’s a two-fer since she also comes with Bob who is AWESOME. And her ult line “BAHHHHHHB, DO SOMETHING!” is probably up there in my top 5 of those as well.

I finally played as her for the first time and I really love her toolkit. I like playing as snipers but I never really clicked with Hanzo, Widowmaker, or Ana. Ashe is the right middle ground where you can do some long-distance damage with her right click, but she also has pretty good regular stopping power between the regular sights and her dynamite bomb. The sawed-off is a fun mobility option as well.


4. Zenyatta


Okay, so he’s not quite Bob, but Zen is the OG awesome Omnic. I love his character design because let’s face it, who doesn’t love the idea of a robot monk who levitates and practices tranquility? And then rains orbs of destruction on anyone who crosses his path? Zenyatta has some of my favorite legendary skins in the game as well between his Nutcracker and Cultist versions.

I’ve fallen off on the ways of Zen after switching from PS4 Overwatch to PC Overwatch. My confidence in healing/destruction orb dispersal is shot and I need to work on my precise aiming. But hopefully I’ll be able to return him to my repertoire of played heroes sooner over later (if I continue to play Overwatch regularly, of course). He’s a great shot caller character and one of my favorite supports to play.

3. Lucio



Here’s another of my favorite supports. Lucio is the happiest little twerp in existence and I can’t get enough of him. Despite being given the least amount of backstory of any Overwatch character, he’s still one of my favorites. The fact that he’s always positive despite everything is just nice and refreshing compared to some of the grimdark backstories and characters.

Also it’s just so much fun to play as him once you know how to wall-grind. And booping people off the map never gets old. Like Zenyatta, I haven’t quite mastered him yet on the PC but I’m working on my grind skills. I’m trying not to get pigeonholed into only playing as a Support on PC like I did on the PS4.

The best part of Lucio is this quote right here:

2. Symmetra


I’ve been a Symmetra fan since day one. Even when her kit was bad and nobody liked playing as her, I played as her. I love her sass. I love that she’s autistic but it’s not her defining trait, it’s not over-the-top and it’s handled well. Her and Lucio have a bit of a rivalry so it’s weird since they’re both favorites of mine. But I have room in my heart for both.

Symmetra’s gone through so many balance and skill set changes, but I’ve continued to play as her through all of them. The current rendition of her is pretty awesome and feels the best, though. I do miss having six turrets to place. Still, Symmetra is always going to be up there as a character I adore because I’ve put a lot of hours into her and stuck with her through good times and bad.

Like Lucio, she doesn’t have a lot of story background yet but I’m hoping sooner or later they’ll give her something great.

1. Junkrat


Yeah, this big jerk is my favorite. I defend him when players get salty over grenade spam. I defend him when Jake of Overwatch League plays him and is really cheap. I defend him when bad players use him and have no idea how to use his kit…no, wait, I don’t do that.

But yeah, the psychotic Australian goofball is my favorite Overwatch character by far. I love his crazy laugh, all of his emotes are just hilarious, and you bet your butt I’ve laid down in the grass to hide and infuriate people by stopping the payload. I like his toolkit on defense and I took to his playstyle very quickly in the early days of Overwatch.

Plus his bro-down with Roadhog is the best.

So those are my favorite Overwatch characters. Don’t @ me.

*All screenshots taken from Google Image search.

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