Music Theory #2: Dance With The Dead

We’re back with another Music Theory! This week’s band is Dance With The Dead!

Band: Dance With The Dead

Latest Album: Loved to Death

Genre: Synthwave

Favorite Track: From Hell (see above)

Other Recommended Tracks: Graveyard Shift, Poison, Riot, Diabolic, The Man who Made a Monster, Snap, Into the Shadows

Why I Enjoy Them: I don’t remember how I ended up listening to them – I think their album The Shape popped up as a recommended YouTube video at some point and I just fell into a hole of listening to all of their discography. Dance With The Dead just excels at that retro 80s techno sound with awesome beats and great synth. They’re a good pair to Infected Mushroom for me in terms of the spectrum of techno that I enjoy. Their tracks are also some of my favorite to Audiosurf to as the constant drums and their usual fast beats per second make a great challenge. They’re one of my top “listen to while driving” bands.


One thought on “Music Theory #2: Dance With The Dead

  1. I doubt our tastes match when it comes to our favorite synthwave tracks, but I agree that it’s good driving music. Especially at night.


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