TMan’s Top 5: Pokemon Starters

So I missed my top 5 last week, and I’ll definitely make it up at some point. But that point is not today. I will, however, not be missing this week’s top 5! In honor of Pokemon Sword/Shield being announced and the three new starters coming out, I’ve decided to list out my top five favorite Pokemon out of all the starters. (This is only including the mainline games that follow the fire-water-grass starter system, and not games like Pokemon Let’s Go!)

Okay, let’s dig in!

5. Charmander


You can’t go wrong with the original fire lizard. Just look at that adorable face. Back when I was a kid, Charmander was the first Pokemon I ever chose. He was my favorite of the three original starters (at the time) and my love for the adorable fire ‘mon has never abated. I just can’t ever leave the little guy out of my top 5 list.

4. Froakie


Is part of my love for Froakie the fact that he eventually evolves into the awesome Greninja? Sure. But Froakie is also a super adorable froggy who I love. In fact, overall his evolution line is one of my across-the-board favorites for any starter. My Froakie made an otherwise kind of bland Pokemon X and Y enjoyable.

3. Sobble


Sobble was just revealed as one of Pokemon Sword/Shield’s starters, but he has already sky-rocketed to my top 5. I love my precious anxiety lizard. (You may have started noticing a trend amongst my favorite starters.) Sobble’s introduction warmed my heart and after learning he is a timid, shy Pokemon who frightens easily I just want to adopt every Sobble in existence. I don’t even care what the evolution is, this boy is an all-time favorite.

2. Snivy


Snivy is the only grass starter I have ever favored, and that’s because of the self-serving smirk this little twerp has. He’s basically the opposite of Sobble and I love him for it. (Hey, I’m allowed to like what I like, okay. Don’t judge.) When his official art first came out and the internet didn’t know his name, they named him Smugleaf. And it fits. Just look at this little douche. Isn’t he perfect?

1. Squirtle


Is it a little predictable and rote to have one of the original three starters as my favorite of all-time? Sure. But I don’t care, I love Squirtle! He wasn’t my original pick when I first had the game, but over time Squirtle evolved (heh heh) into my clear favorite of the original three (and all the starters). Between the Squirtle Squad in the anime, Squirtle’s moveset in Smash Bros, and just his general awesomeness, Squirtle will always be my favorite Pokemon. Squirtle Squad, roll out!

After putting this together, I realized my top 3 Pokemon all have names that start with S. In addition, my top 5 goes lizard-frog-lizard-snake-turtle. I guess I tend towards the reptile/amphibious Pokemon as my personal favorite starters? Who knew.

Anyway, next week I’ll have my finished Kingdom Hearts 3 review and maybe more than one top 5 to make up for last week’s that I missed. Enjoy your weekend, and see you next week!