Episode 58 – Jig News

Sorry for the delay! Life comes at you fast, and in TMan’s case it was so fast he had trouble finding time to edit the podcast! In addition, somehow during this particular episode TMan’s mic managed to pick up a radio station so editing was a little rougher. I think the background audio was scrubbed well enough that it should have come out okay, but if there’s something off about this week’s episode, that’s why! Apologies for making you wait, but let’s get on with this episode’s Make Me A Gamer entertainment!

This Week On Make Me A Gamer

Harvey Z Snaps: Parallel Parking vs Metered Parking

Breaking News: Overwatch League YouTube Deal & Coronavirus Delays

The Countdown Cauldron: #100 – Return of the Obra Dinn & #95 – Uncharted 3

Special Segment: Making the Gamer D&D Class

(This episode was recorded on January 28, 2020.)

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