Top 100 Games of the ’10s: #100-91

So if you haven’t been listening to the Make Me A Gamer podcast, you’ve been missing out on the fact that I’ve composed my top 100 games of the decade list – from 2010-2019. I’ve been doling out a few numbers here and there as part of our Countdown Cauldron segment and while I won’t be going over every number in the podcast, I did promise to write up companion pieces that outline all the games.

In the podcast we’re working through sets of 10. We started with 100-91 and in the most recent episode moved to the 81-90 set, which means now it’s time for me to release the first group of ten. I tried writing up my Top 100 games of All-Time a few years back and ended up burning out in the 60s, so I’m going to try and keep the descriptions a little more brief so I don’t fall into the same trap. I will note the ones that were discussed on the podcast (and link to the related episode) and keep those even briefer.

Without further ado, #100-#91 of my personal favorite games of the 2010s.

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Episode 45 – Voodoo Fight Club

Sorry for the week delay, it’s been a rough work week for TMan. Thankfully, he finally was able to put together episode 45 for your listening enjoyment! Hooray!

This Week On Make Me A Gamer

Harvey Z Snaps: Televisions vs. Movie Theaters

Main Course #1: HarveyZ’s impressions of the Switch Lite

Make Me A Gamer Minute: Gunpoint

Main Course #2: HarveyZ and TMan talk about Fire Emblem: Three Houses

TMan’s Game of the Week: See Above

(This episode was recorded on September 26, 2019.)

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