TMan’s Top 5: Games In My Steam Library I’ve Never Played

It’s Friday, which means it’s another Top 5 day! I’m still on my self-care week, which means even though these haven’t had a ton of work to them I’m still going to take it kinda easy and do a light-on-the-writing topic for this week’s top 5.

Like most gamers who have Steam, I’ve amassed a library of games through sales but haven’t gotten the chance to play a lot of them. So this week I’m going to be going through my Steam library and picking out the top 5 games I have in my library that I bought but have never actually touched! Enjoy!

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Episode 22 – Hide The Sausage

It’s already February, but Make Me A Gamer is still truckin’ along! On this week’s episode TMan and HarveyZ talk about the new Smash Bros Ultimate and also relive their glory days of playing Smash Bros Melee. Then they finally, actually, talk about Scythe the board game before getting into the news of Metro Exodus becoming a timed exclusive on the Epic Games store. Then they end the episode with their usual brand of off-topic insanity. Enjoy! (This episode was recorded January 31st, 2019.)

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